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Animal-free energy | Electricity made using animal by-products in the mix!

Animal-free energy Electricity made using animal by-products in the mix!

Animal-free energy | Electricity made using animal by-products in the mix!

Animal-free energy may sound odd to some, but many vegetarians and vegans avoid animal-ingredients in some of the main key areas. From food to drink to clothes to cosmetics to toiletries. Most vegetarians and vegans though are not aware of animal derivatives being present, (not only in your toilet tissue…..thought I’d just mention it!), but also in your energy supply. So now you know that there is a hidden “ingredient” in your energy supply and if you are like me, you may not like it!

If you are using energy suppliers such as British Gas and SSL be aware that they are using animal by-products in their energy mix. So they are definitely not supplying animal-free energy.  Some companies that claim to be “green” suppliers like Bulb and Octopus also have animal ingredients in their supply chains. So for us vegetarians / vegans / ethically minded going with an animal-free energy supplier could be an important choice.

So what’s the issue?

In the UK we have two main non-vegan sources of electricity. We have AD (anaerobic digestion) and also Biomass of which did you know that both contain animal by-products of animal farming sourced from pigs, cows, chickens, disgusting horrific slaughterhouse waste let alone body parts of diseased fish. So the issue here is that it affects almost 65% of the population.

Businesses and the individual may be supporting the use of animals without even knowing!

Anything animal from animal waste to slaughterhouse waste is combusted to make your electricity at home! Energy suppliers and companies must tell their consumers where it comes from. They have to disclose whether animals as well as their by-products have been used. Knowing about it will let us make better choices. So please look deeper into your supplier. Don’t hesitate to ask and get it in writing.






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On my journey I encountered a surprising amount of chemicals in skin care products, and as I couldn’t find anything that fit my standards of purity, exquisite quality as well as ethical values I created my RAW PASSION 100% Organic Vegan Ethical Skin Care. A range that is natural, beyond organic, that made me feel amazing from how it smells to how it feels to how it works to how it makes me glow! After all, sexy skin never goes out of fashion. We all walk our path at a different pace and my goal has always been to help people who are interested in making better choices for themselves. Thrive to be positive. Respect their body. I always say, if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.