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rosemary fresh or dried

Rosemary fresh or dried is one of the herbs that has the reputation for miracles for more than thousands of years. Rosmarinus officinalis is commonly known as rosemary and is native to the Mediterranean region. The perennial herb is woody, with a delicious scent, evergreen and...

Rosemary fresh or dried a miracle herb and neurotoxin!

Vegan Christmas Parsley Pesto

Christmas is a time of colour. Family get togethers. Sit down dinners. Indulgence, children’s laughter, presents and happiness! The same goes for a vegan christmas! The lead up to Christmas can be a hectic, stressful time for some. We are not all as organised...

Vegan Christmas, You Are Not Alone!

Sprouted Seeds Nutritional and Highly Alkalising

Sprouted Seeds are a ‘living food’ bursting with nutritional value. Sprouting is known as the practice of germinating. Sprouted seeds are living foods, they are delicious and can be eaten raw.  They are ingredients that contribute to ‘living’ nutrition. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals...

Sprouted Seeds Nutritional and Highly Alkalising