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Fenugreek Seed Water Benefits: 25 Reasons To Drink It Every Morning

Fenugreek Seed Water Benefits: 25 Reasons To Drink It Every Morning

Fenugreek Seed Water Benefits: 25 Reasons To Drink It Every Morning

Fenugreek Seed is beyond a goldmine of health benefiting ingredients

Fenugreek seed is delicious soaked or sprouted, milled or cooked. Just drop a spoonful into your favourite dish. I love them in my vegan bean chilli. YUM! Or if you like you can just chew a few raw seeds. My grandchildren love them.
We make a great number of potions and concoctions to tackle some of the most common ailments. The tiny little seeds are packed with nutrients which are essential for the body. And some may agree that the potency of herb-infused fenugreek waters is indisputable. Soak these overnight and drink the water first in the morning on an empty stomach. Fenugreek water is also called Methi water is suitable for anyone to drink.  
  1. excellent for lactating mothers
  2. prevents hair loss
  3. aids milk production
  4. regulatates blood sugar level
  5. facilitates weight loss/management
  6. excellent for liver protection
  7. improves kidney function
  8. increases the metabolism
  9. awesome for digestion and bloating
  10. fenugreek water is a great antacid
  11. most beneficial when consumed during colder months (for colds/chest infections/coughs/sneezes)
  12. water retention
  13. rich source of magnesium
  14. helps to relax the body
  15. anti-ageing effects
  16. cures acne
  17. alleviates menstrual stomach cramps
  18. reduces cholesterol
  19. moisturises the skin
  20. prevents hair loss
  21. adds shine to your dull hair
  22. retains pigment and prevents early greying of your hair
  23. helps in the fight of dandruff
  24. reduces arthritic pains
  25. helps in the prevention of cancer
  • Fenugreek Seeds are hot in nature. Just a teaspoon should be enough to be soaked in a glass or cup of water.
  • If you suffer with intestinal ulcers take it easy and you may have to skip consuming fenugreek water.
  • But if you suffer with diabetes, this is definitely for you as it lowers blood sugars!
  • Fenugreek seeds should not be consumed during pregnancy because it can lead to early contractions.

Drinking water is beneficial for skin health! Love it laced with fruit and vegetables!

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