RAW PASSION Organic & Vegan Skin Food

Organic And Natural Beauty! We are Beyond Vegan!

Organic And Natural Beauty! We are Beyond Vegan!

Organic And Natural Beauty! We are Beyond Vegan!

Organic and natural beauty is on the rise. No joke, but did you know that  it takes 26 seconds to whatever you put onto your skin to enter your bloodstream. Hell will break loose in your body if you use anything other than organic and natural skin food.  So we always say,

“It is important what you put into your body,

but it is equally important what you put onto your skin.

After all, if you don’t look after your body, where will you live?”

Here at RAW PASSION we can only report a significant growth in sales for our organic and natural beauty products. We are thrilled! Because people are becoming more ethically aware they are looking for skin food that is beyond vegan. They seek skin care of higher sustainability. Skin Care which promotes holistic and spiritual wellness. They seek products of higher ethical standards. Conscious customers want to know the ingredients in their beauty products. They want to know where the ingredients come from. Where their skin care products are manufactured. Consumers want organic and natural beauty. Un-adulterated products upholding their environmental let alone ethical values!  Our products are so pure that we can almost claim that they are fit for human consumption!

The skin, our biggest organ needs organic and natural skin care which is NON-toxic and contains nourishing ingredients. In the long run there are only benefits of using natural, organic, vegan ethical skin care. Always remember that chemicals in many of the products work against rather than with the skin which can lead to many health issues. We always advice to read the labels, be it for food or skin care, shampoos, cleaning bits and pieces.  Labels can change. So can ingredients. ALWAYS read the label! The ingredients, the small print! And pay particular attention to where the ingredients come from. ie China. We do NOT want anything from China! 



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On my journey I encountered a surprising amount of chemicals in skin care products, and as I couldn’t find anything that fit my standards of purity, exquisite quality as well as ethical values I created my RAW PASSION 100% Organic Vegan Ethical Skin Care. A range that is natural, beyond organic, that made me feel amazing from how it smells to how it feels to how it works to how it makes me glow! After all, sexy skin never goes out of fashion. We all walk our path at a different pace and my goal has always been to help people who are interested in making better choices for themselves. Thrive to be positive. Respect their body. I always say, if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.