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Parsley flat or curly, a herb with personality!

parsley flat or curly

Parsley flat or curly, a herb with personality!

Parsley flat or curly is much more than just a green garnish. The herb adds awesome flavour and colour to your dishes, fills your kitchen with the most delicious, fresh smell and is so SO healthy!

There are two main varieties of this delicious herb. Parsley flat or curly! The curly parsley (Petroselinum crispum) with ruffled leaves and Italian parsley (Petroselinum crispum neapolitanum) with flat leaves. Personally I love both of them.

Curly Parsley, not just a plate garnish! organic curly parsley

Curly Parsley, also called garden parsley is usually associated as a plate garnish and sadly very often left on the plate. Looking beyond the appearance, curly parsley is robust in texture, as well as flavour. Wash, chop and add it to any soup, chunky or liquidised, you definitely won’t regret it. You can also chop it as small as you can and sprinkle it on the serving plate. It’s not only pretty, it tastes delicious.

Flat Leaf Parsley has a stronger flavour!

NO kitchen should be without this amazing multi-purpose herb. Use as a garnish, flavouring, and as a vegetable. Both types can be used for the same purposes, but to me flat leaf parsley has a stronger flavour and is very often favoured in Mediterranean cooking. As I said, I love both of them and I eat them both raw, in cooking, added to vegetable soups, veg stir fries, and try cooked potatoes tossed in organic olive oil with a good handful of the chopped herb and a big pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt. YUM!

Some Benefits!

Parsley even in small amounts contains an amazingly high level of vitamins and minerals. The herb is extremely rich in bone-strengthening vitamin K, an excellent source of vitamins A and C and a great number of flavonoid compounds, ie luteolin and apigenin, which have an antioxidant effect, meaning that they render harmless free radicals that would otherwise cause oxidative damage to cells. FULL of awesome chlorophyll as well as natural essential oils parsley freshens the breath and has antibacterial effects. Parsley is rich in cancer fighting compound. It has been suggested that the compounds found in parsley may even inhibit tumor growth! High in iron parsley is recommended if you suffer with anemia. Relaxes stiff muscles and is unbelievably great for digestion. Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties parsley flat or curly relieves joint pain. Is an excellent source of beta carotene and supports healthy kidney function. But be aware, parsley contains ‘oxalates’  and if you have underlying kidney and gallbladder issues consumption should be kept to a minimum. 

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