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Pips, pits, kernels, cyanide and cancer!

Pips, pits, kernels, cyanide and cancer!

Pips, pits, kernels, cyanide and cancer!

Consuming apple pips, cherry pits, apricot kernels, or bitter almonds seems to cause an almost panic attack in some out there. I know, they contain cyanide and we all know that cyanide is poison. But hey, no need to freak out, right?

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

With the little knowledge of some people out there it is understandable that there are concerns about cyanide dangers if we consume fruit pips, pits, kernels and bitter almonds. The compounds containing cyanide are metabolised and quickly detoxed by our body. To be fair, it would take a LOT of pips, pits, seeds, kernels or bitter almonds to poison ourselves.

Just a few words about Apricot kernels!

Apricot kernels contain amygdalin! Amygdalin is a naturally occurring chemical compound, which has been promoted as a cancer cure, and the benefits of Apricot kernels to eliminate cancer has been used forever by people, and they didn’t die from cyanide poisoning. In fact the opposite happened and they were cured without suffering any negative side effects. For the powerful healing effects people ate dozens daily for months as a natural medicine.

The amygdalin compound has four molecules!

  • two of which are glucose molecules
  • the other two being cyanide and benzaldehyde

The body is awesome and extremely clever, and releases the last two molecules also called ‘scarycompounds’ directly into the cancer cells only! Instead of oxygen, cancer cells thrive and are dependent on fermenting sugar. It keeps them ‘alive’. So they attract the amygdalin compounds for their glucose (acts as sugar bait). Little do they know that they will be whacked when they metabolize those compounds as they free the molecules benzaldehyde and cyanide.

Only cancer cells metabolize amygdalin! Healthy normal cells don’t!

Cancer cells contain beta-glucosidase is an enzyme that kind of unlocks the amygdalin compound. Beta-glucosidase is NOT found in healthy cells and most non-cancerous cells contain another enzyme called rhodanese.

Just a little bit of knowledge for you so that you don’t get hooked on those those “scary” articles out there about pips, pits and kernels.

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On my journey I encountered a surprising amount of chemicals in skin care products, and as I couldn’t find anything that fit my standards of purity, exquisite quality as well as ethical values I created my RAW PASSION 100% Organic Vegan Ethical Skin Care. A range that is natural, beyond organic, that made me feel amazing from how it smells to how it feels to how it works to how it makes me glow! After all, sexy skin never goes out of fashion. We all walk our path at a different pace and my goal has always been to help people who are interested in making better choices for themselves. Thrive to be positive. Respect their body. I always say, if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.