RAW PASSION Organic & Vegan Skin Food

Canine Care Bundle With A Mission!

RAW PASSION Canine Care Bundle

Canine Care Bundle With A Mission!


Animals give off an attitude of happiness, innocence and unconditional love and we want the best for our canine friends, so we do it the NON­-toxic way with 100% Organic Vegan Ethical Food Grade ingredients. Our canine care contains absolutely NO chemical anything. Gentle and fresh!



NON-toxic Chamomile Canine Liquid Shampoo

Chamomile dog shampoo, our canine care with a mission!

A dog shampoo ideal for everyday canine washing, this Shikakai and Chamomile Canine Shampoo is a NON­-toxic, absolutely NO chemical anything way to effectively clean your four-legged friend and leave them smelling awesome.

Chamomile is soothing and calming for all kinds of conditions. It contains anti-­inflammatory, anti-­infectious and anti­parasitic properties.

Topical NON-toxic skin wash for your canine friend and companion!

  • can be diluted or used as it is
  • get him / her a little wet
  • pour a little liquid soap onto your hands / flannel / washcloth / sea sponge / doggy brush
  • 1 ­-2 pumps is all you need
  • REMEMBER: a little goes a long way, less is more
  • lather up, scrub down, rinse off
  • sparkly fresh, clean, gentle and effective on your canine friend
  • beautiful refreshing scent
  • 100% plant based | 100% organic | 100% vegan | 100% soya free | 100% palm oil free
  • for all dogs, all skin conditions, from normal to dry to eczema, cuts, grazes, bites
  • dog shampoo with a mission!
  • RAW PASSION products NEVER ever contain any added water, so a little goes a LONG way!
  • The mixture may separate, so give it a little shake before each use!
  • It may or may not happen, but if your non-toxic liquid soap turns cloudy, it’s when the temperature drops and the fatty acids begin to solidify and cloud out, which clears up when your liquid soap warms up again. But clear or cloudy, the quality stays the same and your soap works just the same.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the natural ingredients colour, fragrance and consistency may vary!

Canine SnoutPawSkin Soother With a Mission

SnoutPawSkin topical skin formula provides soothing relief for a great variety of issues. A MUST before small problems turn into big problems resulting in unnecessary pain and discomfort, not only for your dog, but also for you.

Product Description

Our canine products come with a mission. They are effective, 100% organic, vegan, pure, natural, ethical, totally chemically free, of superb food grade and therapeutic quality, and we do want the best for our canine friends and companions!

The careful chosen oils in Dog SnoutPawSkin Soother help repair the affected skin area and support the body’s natural healing process without the use of any chemicals or synthetics.

  • hot spots | skin patches | infections
  • scratches | scrapes | abrasions | small cuts | bruises
  • licking | chewing | biting | scratching (lick granulomas)
  • flea & insect bites
  • alopecia (hair loss)
  • old and new scars
  • splinters | skin rashes | irritations
  • dry skin conditions | eczema | dermatitis
  • dry and cracked nose
  • dry and chapped paws
  • softens | moisturises | soothing | calming | healing
  • balancing | hydrating | nourishing | neutralizing

SnoutPawSkin Soother is NON-­toxic and safe for use on all dogs. Totally and absolutely NON-­GM (genetically modified). 100% pure, natural, chemical free, fair­trade and cruelty free (not tested on animals!), contains only organic, plant based and vegan ingredients with a mission.

  • apply to the affected area of concern (can even be rubbed on the gums)
  • apply to the pads or the skin inside of the ears for faster absorption into the blood stream
  • comb a little through the fur
  • place the oil in your palm, then pet your companion from head to toe
  • place oil where the skin is thin such as belly

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the natural ingredients the colour and consistency may vary!

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Large Bundle (Shampoo 100ml/Oil 50ml), Medium Bundle (Shampoo 50ml/Oil 30ml)