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Camellia HAIR, SCALP, BODY Oil | Beyond Luxurious Moisturiser and Revitalizer

RAW PASSION Camellia Hair, Scalp, Body Oil | Beyond Luxurious Moisturiser and Revitalizer

Camellia HAIR, SCALP, BODY Oil | Beyond Luxurious Moisturiser and Revitalizer


Camellia Oil is not only organic and vegan, but a beyond luxurious moisturiser and revitaliser, the natural way to restore moisture and sheen the natural way to your hair, scalp and body with just a few drops. The oil has a silky, creamy texture and is a natural plant oil and transdermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds (collagen and elastin), as well as an antioxidant-rich skin moisturizer and softener (emollient). The oil is fast absorbing and penetrates deep into the lower layers of skin, enhancing natural cell growth and bounce. Its fatty acids contain powerful agents for retention and enhancement of skin moisture which makes it excellent for softening rough skin in areas such as elbows, legs, knees and heels.




Hair, Scalp, Body Oil is a beyond luxurious moisturizer and revitalizer. Skin is naturally oily and absorbs oil much more readily. If you have greasy skin, add oils to your daily routine as you are penetrating the pores, so rather than sitting on the surface to clog the pores more, they clean themselves.

Camellia oil contains vitamins A, B and E as well as phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.

pH – 4.08

  • revitalizes and rejuvenates hair and skin
  • restores bounce and elasticity
  • cradle cap
  • repairs damage caused by dryness, sun exposure and aging
  • very effective in enhancing skin and hair’s ability to retain moisture
  • deeply penetrates and cleans your follicles, removing dirt and other impurities
  • stimulates increased hair cell activity and hair cell division
  • excellent skin and hair conditioning properties
  • your hair grows more quickly and is healthier and stronger
  • inactive hair cells become “awakened” and active again
  • increased production of melanin which reverses the graying process
  • the natural way to restore moisture and sheen to your hair with just a few drops
  1. Place 4-5 drops of your Camellia Hair, Scalp, Body Oil on your scalp evenly dispersing the oil on the front, back and sides of your head.
  2. With your fingertips massage the oil into your scalp for about five minutes, and work the excess oil down the hair shaft. Pay particular attention to the ends of the hair.
  3. For long hair you may need to use a few more drops of your oil.
  4. To remove the oil, shampoo your hair. Alternatively leave the oil in overnight as a deep conditioning treatment. Repeat once a week.
  5. For split ends use your Camellia Hair, Scalp, Body Oil on just the ends after shampooing to make split ends look healthier and conditioned.
  • moisturizes, nourishes and softens skin
  • ALL skin types, including oily skin!
  • restores bounce and elasticity
  • diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • non-comedogenic (does not block skin pores, and does not contribute to acne)
  • collagen and elastin repairs damage caused by dryness, sun exposure and aging
  • repairs stretch marks after pregnancy
  • light in nature, along with its high nutrient and non pore blocking composition make it ideal for use as a baby massage oil
  • heals minor acne scars
  • after sun skin care
  • rich in Vitamin A to naturally regenerate the skin
  • excellent skin and hair conditioning properties
  • hydrates and cleans pores and follicles without greasy residue
  • contains anti-oxidant properties (anti-aging Gamma-oryzanol)
  • revitalizes and rejuvenates hair and skin
  1. apply a small amount to damp skin | best after showering or taking a bath
  2. for the smaller wrinkles/blemishes, add a tiny drop to your fingertips and apply directly on the areas you need in a clockwise circular motion
  3. pat the oil over face and neck avoiding the immediate eye area
  4. apply gently and thoroughly until completely absorbed
  5. use 24/7 morning and night, or as often as required
  • softens dry/brittle nails and rough cuticles
  • contains Vitamin E known for its awesome repair properties
  • helps soothe discomfort from dry skin
  • nails stay nourished, smooth and shiny
  1. add one or two drops to an organic cotton pad and wipe nails and cuticles
  2. best after showering
  3. use 24/7 as often as required
  4. you will notice that your nails and cuticles are softer, smoother and look healthier after a few days
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