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The cruel, dark side of dairy farming!

The Dark Side Of Dairy Farming!

The cruel, dark side of dairy farming!

Dairy farming has a dark side, is beyond cruel, let alone all else BUT healthy for human consumption!

Just like us humans, cows produce milk to feed their ‘own’ babies for the best part of the year. In order for us to have cow’s milk their newborn babies have to be taken away, to just go and repeat the whole cruel procedure of dairy farming again. Sad but true, this for the rest of the cow’s life.

…..the babies!Calves are placed in cages on their own

I’m sure you know that cow’s are mammals. Their milk is produced in their mammary glands. So in order to give milk to their baby calf, the cow has to give birth. Just as with us humans, cows carry for nine months, and as it’s all about money, the cow is forcefully artificially impregnated as early in life as possible. After giving birth the baby is taken away, isolated and if they make it kept up to two months and force fed on artificial milk. Of course, they call for their mothers for warmth and love, but their voices are unheard. The males are barbarically treated. Their horns are removed and they suffer excruciating pain. They will be used for beef and sometimes for sale as veal in the UK and european countries.

…..keep it coming!

A couple of months after giving birth the cow has to go through the same horrific suffering again and again until she cannot do it anymore. Usually a cow gives about 6 litres of milk to her calf a day. On dairy farms it is about 20-50 litres for us human. Most cows cannot even walk properly as they cannot handle the physical demand. So she is not making enough money, so she gets killed! Sad, but true, but this is the reality of dairy farming.

…..and there is always organic. NOT!

…..and don’t be fooled by ‘organic’  milk. The process is no different. In order to have milk for us, the baby has to be taken away so we can have the milk. Organic or non-organic. There is NO difference!


….have you ever wondered what’s in your milk? Udder infections are the norm. Milk is no less than a chemical cocktail of growth hormones, drugs, antibiotics, horrific vaccination ingredients, wormer and pus. You can expect up to 400 million cells of pus forming substance in each and every litre of milk. Many of the ‘ingredients’ linked to a great number of cancer including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. And then there is eczema, allergies, asthma, rashes, type 1 diabetes. Milk is mucous forming. It’s an inflammatory. And stop believing the myth about being calcium rich. It’s rather the opposite. Milk has little strengthening effect on your bones, it is rather known to cause osteoporosis. STOP drinking milk! 

There is NO reason for any human to ‘drink’ cow’s milk ever at any stage of their life. Cow’s milk is for baby calves, NOT for us humans.

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