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The World Of Nutrition | To Carb Or Not To Carb?

The World Of Nutrition | To Carb Or Not To Carb?

The World Of Nutrition | To Carb Or Not To Carb?

The world of nutrition has become and even more confusing place. That is to say, what’s your lifestyle? Are you Flexitarian? Paleo? Ketogenic? Combination diet? Fruitarian? Vegetarian? Pescarian? Vegan? FODMAPs? Forager? Juicer? Do you dehydrate? Are you a raw fooder or belong to any other of those kind of diet tribes? In addition and most importantly, are you a regular ‘faster’?

Eating is something we all think we are experts in. Firstly, do you ever translate these tricky, fancy, jangly ingredients labels? Secondly and in other words, do you know what actually goes past your lips? 

Let’s just talk about CARBS! 

To carb or not to carb?

In the world of nutrition carbohydrates certainly have an awful reputation. In other words high carb foods, for an example potatoes and pastas are certainly quite often blamed for the extra inches around your waist. Too right! 

Can you survive on a no carb diet?

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. In short, we can most certainly survive a sugar free lifestyle, however, it would be quite hard to eliminate carbohydrates completely from our diets. As a result in their absence your body would use protein as well as fat for energy. 

Not enough carbs can mean low blood sugar!

If we don’t have enough glucose (energy) from the carbohydrates to burn, as a result it can lead to Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar!) Subsequently we will go into a state of ketosis, where our body makes ketones as another source of fuel. Our body will start burning fat. You probably think that’s a ‘good thing’ right?……

If you suddenly and drastically cut carbohydrates, you may consequently experience a variety of temporary effects as a result. For example:

  • Headaches
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Sluggishness
  • Bad breath
  • Muscle cramps
  • Skin rash
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Aches & Pains

The old saying. Less is more! 

That is to say that a low-carb diet may assist in the prevention or improvement of serious health conditions. To name but a few, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In short, almost any diet that helps you lose some excess weight can reduce or even reverse risk factors. 

The world of nutrition. To sum up, less is more. And in conclusion, it doesn’t hurt to live life on a low carb diet. Especially if most of the carbs you are eating come from organic vegetables.

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On my journey I encountered a surprising amount of chemicals in skin care products, and as I couldn’t find anything that fit my standards of purity, exquisite quality as well as ethical values I created my RAW PASSION 100% Organic Vegan Ethical Skin Care. A range that is natural, beyond organic, that made me feel amazing from how it smells to how it feels to how it works to how it makes me glow! After all, sexy skin never goes out of fashion. We all walk our path at a different pace and my goal has always been to help people who are interested in making better choices for themselves. Thrive to be positive. Respect their body. I always say, if you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.