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organic, vegan and ethical skin food

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100% organic, vegan & ethical beauty products

organic, vegan and ethical skin food

Committed to beautiful skin

Without the use of chemicals

Cruelty-Free Skin Food

Ethical, vegan skin care

Sexy skin never goes out of fashion


Raw skin food for inner and outer balance with no nasty anything!

"RAW PASSION is the manifestation of my own personal Journey. Past, present and future focus. The extension of all that I am, all that I stand for. Being a mother of five children and grand-mother to nine, has lead me to researching and studying a great number of various topics and subjects. From drugs and toxic medication to the dangers of vaccination to diet and health to Spiritualism, Shamanism and Positive Thinking, to all things natural and organic, training as a Raw Food Coach, my younger daughter’s horrific skin condition of severe eczema as a baby, long travels, extensive Shamanic work, the loss of my two gorgeous grandsons, caring 3 years for my dying father, a freak accident that put me in a wheelchair to finding freedom in leaving a toxic 12 year relationship with a multi-millionaire, to the love of Shadow, my HERO and gorgeous epi Dalmatian.


My long-term aim is to enhance people’s lives with the vision to create jobs, save animals, build a self sustained retreat center and sacred space for adults, children and families of all walks of life and in need."

- Viola
RAW PASSION - Divine Organic Soap - Raw Organic Beauty Products
  • 100% Guilt Free Skin Care
  • RAW PASSION Skin Foods aren’t just another beauty product, they are nourishing foods for the skin wherever your skin needs care
  • RAW PASSION Skin Foods are a way of life, for those who cherish the secrets behind glowing, radiant and healthy looking skin, which is affordable to everyone
  • ALL of our individual ingredients are certified by the Organic Soil Association
  • From start to finish, all ingredients and packaging are carefully sourced from suppliers who share our green and ethical values. The packaging, bottles, jars and closures meet the strict critera of recyclability, environmental commitment and premium finish
  • WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE GLASS! Recycle it. Re-use it as meany times as you like. It never wears out. It doesn’t leak toxins into our RAWsome, precious products
  • RAW PASSION Skin Food is EU Tried – Tested ~ Certified ~ registered with the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal)


Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for whatever you put on your skin to enter your bloodstream? So, if you do not look after your skin, where will you live?

You will NEVER find any of the following in RAW PASSION products

  • XPalm Oil | Rapeseed Oil
  • XSoya | Soja | Soya by-products
  • XDairy | Animal Fat
  • XAnimal by-products | Derivatives
  • XHoney | Pollen | Bees-Wax 
  • XPesticides | Chemicals | GMOs
  • XPhenylenediamines | Fertilizer
  • XChina Free
  • XAluminium | Lanolin | Vaseline
  • XSodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • XChlorine | Fluoride | Mineral Oil
  • XColour | Colouring | E numbers
  • XAlcohol | Talc | Lead | Dyes
  • XMan Made Ingredients
  • XCoal Tar | Methylisothiazolinone (MI or MIT)
  • XNano Materials/Particles/Beads
  • XSynthetic Fragrance | Perfumes
  • XChemical Preservatives
  • XTriclosan | Parabens | Microbeads | Microplastic
  • XPetroleum | Petrochemicals | Emulsifiers
  • XStabilisers | Propylene Glycol
  • XFormaldehyde | Sulphites
  • XIsopropyl SD-40
  • XNutraceuticals | Hormones

This list is only a small list of highly toxic ingredients in everyday ingredients used on a daily basis. I have as little or as much info as you wish to know about. If you are interested and would like to get more familiar with a great variety of alternative choices, please contact me

Our delicious products are used by massage therapists, reflexologists, hikers, bikers, runners, joggers, cyclists, swimmers, surfers, water boys & snow queens, sports dudes & dudesses, keep fit enthusiasts, footballers & footballers wives, gardeners, builders, handymen, barbers, hairdressers, housewives & husbands, before & after workouts, gymnasts, relaxation, brides & grooms, flowergirls & page boys, bridesmaids & best men, mums, grand-mums, mums to be, dads, grand-dads, teenagers, baby showers & christenings, babies, the elderly,  people like you and me from all walks of life. Not to forget your canine best friend and companion. 



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