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If you wish to use our RAW PASSION SUPER-Skin Foods at your Spa | Hotel | Boutique Hotel | Chalet | Ski Resort | Cruise Ship | Salon | Retreat we can provide anything available on our site for use and for re-sale.

The next step – if you are interested in our wholesale prices and what we have to offer, please email us to viola@rawpassion.co.uk with your details of your establishment and we will be in touch to open a wholesale account on our site to surf. 

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If you love the idea of being self-employed and are looking at stocking / reselling / white-labelling (use your own label) our RAW PASSION 100% Organic Vegan Ethical Skin SUPER-foods please get in touch with us with your details. Please email us to viola@rawpassion.co.uk to get access to our amazing online price list.

We have a low minimum order, to make it easier for you to keep stocked up. 

Join a number of others taking our skin care to their customers by creating a trade account with RAW PASSION to be able to purchase wholesale beauty products.

Charitable Donations!

You may also like to know that your purchases help fund our donations to animal rescue shelters. These give abandoned, injured, mistreated, tortured and rescued pets a second chance. We also regularly donate our products to non-profit raffle, auctions, competitions as well as VIP bags.

Please get in touch with us if you like flyers for your events, VIP bags or tables. Thank you!

We are supporters of various NON-profit charities!

(to name but a few see below!)
  1. Soi Dogs  –  The Soi Dog Foundation is a NON-profit charity fighting the horrendous Asian dog meat trade. Dogs are skinned alive. Eaten like sushi. Thrown into hot boiling oil. Legs cut off to use for bone broth. It is absolutely horrendous! PLEASE HELP!
  2. Animal Hope & Wellness  – Founder Marc Ching uncovered the harsh realities of animal abuse, the brutal practice of torturing dogs before slaughtering them for meat during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China and other parts of Asia. One man. One movement. Thousands of rescued dogs being given a second chance at life. Marc risks his life to uncover the horrendous torturing of dogs by going undercover to rescue as many as he can. He is simply amazing! Read his story. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Shelter Ugolyok UKRAINE  (Alexandra Livitska) is creating Animal Rescue and Sanctuaries. Saving gorgeous animals of all kinds from the slaughterhouse. Non profit organisation. Shelters for animals! Rescue! Rehabilitation! ? Lifetime  help! ? Adoption! URGENT! PLEASE HELP! DONATIONS to PayPal: pawsofhelp@outlook.com
  4. Vucjak Shelter and Sanctuary offers a safe haven for the street dogs and wild animals suffering by the hand of man around the city of Kragujevac, Serbia. Dejan gives a permanent home to these dogs. Some of them are just not suitable to be re-homed owing to trauma in their lives. Regardless, they all need food, love and warmth. This group is fundamentally set up to help raise awareness of these poor dogs and the work that Dejan undertakes on a daily basis to try and keep them safe and offer shelter. NON-profit organisation. Every single penny goes to Dejan’s animals. You can even go and visit the shelter. An extra pair of hands are very much appreciated at the shelter. Also see Friends of Vucjak  PLEASE HELP!! DONATIONS to PayPal: vucjakwolves88@gmail.com
  5. HEART Animal Rescue. Non-profit organisation. We are a small animal rescue team, but we want to get bigger, do more and do it better, and we need your help! We are in Spain, Estepona, Andalucia. We now have different price options for those that want to help support us on a month to month basis. You can become one of our Angels for just £3 per month. You can also use our email address to make a one off payment if preferred through our paypal ID heartestepona@hotmail.comPLEASE HELP! We are ALWAYS in need. 


Raw beauty products by Raw Passion, a vegan and cruelty free skincare company specialising in handmade products made with organic, raw and natural ingredients.

Simply click here to email me with details of your business/shop, please include the following details:

  • Contact Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Type eg. shop, online shop, therapist
  • Website (if available)
  • Contact Details (address, email, phone number)

I will then send you a trade login and password to view the wholesale prices for my products. For larger quantities please email me direct.

Minimum order £150 (including FREE UK shipping)

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